CallCabinet’s Atmos cloud-based platform integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to bring award-winning call recording, quality assurance, AI, voice-analytics, and agent evaluation solutions to contact centers of any size.

Microsoft Teams call recordings are available for playback, download, and secure sharing from any internet-capable device, allowing agents and supervisors to share a single web-based interface.


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Atmos' Unique Solution for Microsoft Teams


Atmos is directly installed into your Microsoft Teams environment and immediately delivers compliant recording by capturing all Microsoft Teams’ communications, including web, desktop (Windows and Mac), mobile applications (iOS and Android), and desktop phones.
As a true Cloud-based SaaS, Atmos seamlessly records your Microsoft Teams network without the need for on-device software or on-premise hardware. As a subscription-based service, Atmos delivers the most affordable, dynamic, and scalable solution, and it’s the fastest way to pull your entire organization into full compliance. 

An AI-Driven Call Recording, Quality Assurance, Voice Analytics & Compliance Solution

Call Recording

Atmos is the only true cloud recording software installed in the Microsoft Teams environment delivering a direct, compliant integration.  Atmos is built to be easily deployed over multi-tenant networks and is easily scalable across an entire organization. 


Quality Assurance

Use our agent evaluation tools to quickly resolve disputes, expertly train your staff, maintain compliance, and optimize your customer experience.

Voice Analytics

Gather precious insight into your customers’ experience and agent interactions through Atmos Analytics. Search powerfully and simply with keyword & key phrase solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Atmos offers robust Natural Language Processing which provides best-of-breed speech analytics. Atmos AI understands and organizes your unstructured call recordings into actionable data.


CallCabinet provides solutions for all of your call recording needs to support global regulatory compliance with: HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, MiFID II, MAD, FTC, POPI, FAIS, and many more.